Hi, I’m

Laura Mosher.

I am a freelance consultant with over a decade of experience building robust and resilient software.
+1 616-682-7016

Based in Grand Rapid, MI
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Enterprise tooling, project from conception through implementation to final delivery.
  • Project Brief and audit of current plan.
  • Completed thorough Technical Project Plan.
  • Outlined deliverables and distinct pieces of engineering work.
  • Provided engineering expertise and implementation.
  • ETL Script written in Python 3.
  • Go service interface for wrapping Redshift datastore.
  • Ruby on Rails API endpoint creation and interface for Go Service.
  • Full feature development in React, including the addition of new Table and Box components.
  • Collaborated with Enterprise Team, Product Team, and Quality Assurance Team to deliver quality code.

Mode Analytics

Enterprise-level data transformation and migration tool.
  • Assisted team with technical plan for transforming legacy data formats into their modern counterparts.
  • Researched best practices for Rails scripts to yield to Angular code.
  • Explored several ways to accomplish task.
  • Created and implemented the transformation script.


OSS Steward, Wordpress Website Assistance, and Redesign and implementation of Admin Interface
  • Continually provide stewardship to the Open Source Project and community.
  • Provide code changes and Pull Request reviews for Rails, React, and Docker code.
  • Aid in efforts to build new Wordpress website to tell the story of Terrastories.
  • Streamline, update, and implement new Admin interface for ease of use.

Still I Run - Community

Website Overhaul, Content rewrite, design changes
  • Redesigned and implemented entire new community website.
  • Highlighted mission statement, ways to get involved, and how to donate.
  • Built in ease-of-use features for owner to make changes confidently.
  • Restructured page layouts and menu to make it easier to find information in one to two clicks.

Still I Run - Store

Website Redesign
  • Redesigned and streamlined shopping experience.
  • Updated store landing page to better highlight customer favorites and popular items.