A while ago, I wrote a blog post on measuring success. In short, I stated that success shouldn’t be measured by the worlds standards of money, cars, houses, or prestige; and the by-product, failure, could only be achieved by not trying.

That was years ago. And while the general premise is still the same, I think I can be a bit more succinct in meaning.

The worlds picture of success, the one that measures society, is flawed. The world thinks that to be successful you have to be on top, the number one in whatever it may be. However, in actuality, you can be successful without being on top.

Success is a “sliding” scale, so to speak. What success is to me is likely vastly different than what success means to you. You may have done something you thought was a great success - but by the world definition was just a pitiful little thing in comparison because it didn’t put you higher on the hierarchy.

Evaluate what you find successful and base your success off of that. The world will emphasize those with the louder “voice” and say that is more successful. Remember: Your personal success will be more important that whatever the last person did.