Hello, my name is Laura Mosher.

A compilation of thoughts on God, life, and software.

Collective Idea loves animated gifs. We use them in nearly every form of communication we use on a regular basis. It was only a matter of time until we found a new use for animated gifs that brings value to our clients, customers, and development teams.
A funny take to Git's git-blame command. Lightning talk at Windy City Rails 2017.
Avoid duplicated markup by preparing your document for caching
Success is measured on a sliding scale. You can be successful without being "on top".
Learn about Ruby's ability to create hash lookups from Collections.
The spiral of depression is brutal. Take a quick look below the surface of perceived depression.
Reflections on Volunteering at Grand Rapids GiveCamp
How does one measure the amount of success a person has and has accomplished? Overall, what does “having success” mean? Is it worth pursuing? And if so, how do we pursue it in a healthy matter?