Laura J Trevisan Mosher

Senior Software Engineer // Full-Stack Developer


Intent vs Impact

Words are powerful. Words have the ability to encourage and belittle, to motivate and berate, to build and destroy, and yet we sling them around without much thought. Many justify the slinging of words around by saying that regardless of how it landed (the impact) the intention was pure and good and therefore it is excusable.

Getting Node.js Working on Heroku: Abridged

There are many tutorials and guides for getting a Node.js app running on Heroku, but there are quite a few gotcha's that still managed to trip me up. This guide aims to tackle some of those gotcha's as succinctly as possible.

Harry the Hedgehog Learns You A Communication

We know how to communicate — we do it on a daily basis, so why spend time perfecting something you feel you already know how to do? Well, what you say and how you say it impacts how you are understood and how others perceive you. In written communication, a single missing comma can wildly change the meaning of what you said. In this talk, we'll walk through 5 tips that improve how you communicate. Using real world examples, we'll show how common these pitfalls are and how to overcome them. You'll leave armed with the ability to positively impact your relationships through how you communicate.