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We know how to communicate — we do it on a daily basis, so why spend time perfecting something you feel you already know how to do? Well, what you say and how you say it impacts how you are understood and how others perceive you. In written communication, a single missing comma can wildly change the meaning of what you said. In this talk, we'll walk through 5 tips that improve how you communicate. Using real world examples, we'll show how common these pitfalls are and how to overcome them. You'll leave armed with the ability to positively impact your relationships through how you communicate.
RailsConf Post-Conference blues are in full swing, so lets reminisce!
Collective Idea loves animated gifs. We use them in nearly every form of communication we use on a regular basis. It was only a matter of time until we found a new use for animated gifs that brings value to our clients, customers, and development teams.
A funny take to Git's git-blame command. Lightning talk at Windy City Rails 2017.
Avoid duplicated markup by preparing your document for caching
Success is measured on a sliding scale. You can be successful without being "on top".
Learn about Ruby's ability to create hash lookups from Collections.
The spiral of depression is brutal. Take a quick look below the surface of perceived depression.
Reflections on Volunteering at Grand Rapids GiveCamp
How does one measure the amount of success a person has and has accomplished? Overall, what does “having success” mean? Is it worth pursuing? And if so, how do we pursue it in a healthy matter?