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Laura Mosher.

Laura Mosher is a freelance consultant with over a decade of experience building robust and resilient software.
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Based in Grand Rapid, MI
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I partner to solve your needs.

With over a decade of software experience, I will collaborate with you to solve your needs.

My clients and colleagues love working with me because they appreciate my constant communication, my focus on the customer experience, my desire to make everything I touch better, my drive to help others do the same, and my ability to take many disparate pieces and form a cohesive story.

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I provide a variety of services.

Technical Project Planning. Software Architecture. Custom Software Development. Reduce Risk, Increase Productivity. Maintenance & Iterative Improvements. Coaching, Teaching, and Mentoring. And more.

Technical Project Planning

I take visions and ideal, ask deep questions, learn the customer needs, and then translate them into a technical project plan. Once there is consensus, I further break down the technical requirements into workable engineering and development tasks with detailed acceptance criteria and testing expectations.

Software Architecture.

Architecting software is a lot like solving a puzzle. There are a bunch of disparate pieces scattered about, and, when put together correctly, form a cohesive picture. I can collaborate with your technical team, product team, customers, and stakeholders to find all of the pieces and work to put them together in a way that solves your need the best and most efficiently.

Custom Software Development.

I’m a polygot engineer with both vast and deep experience in a variety of programming languages and technologies. I can take your concepts from ideation to realization in code. One of my recent projects had complex code pieces in Python 3, Golang, Ruby on Rails, and React, as well as Postgres and Redshift, AWS, and Docker.

Reduce Risk, Increase Productivity.

I think a lot about risk and how I can reduce complexity and potential points of failure, while still providing a rich experience for the customer. I can audit your projects and codebases for potential areas of risk and mitigation strategies.

Maintenance & Iterative Improvements.

Do you have an old codebase that needs a little love? I can help. By fixing bugs, providing support, and tackling technical debt, I can iteratively improve your application(s) to be resilient and provide robust experiences for your uses.

Coaching, Teaching, and Mentoring.

I absolutely love sharing my knowledge with others. Whether that is through writing comprehensive documentation or blog posts, giving talks, holding one-on-ones, or just being available for questions, I love it all. I can provide insight and expertise into your team.

And more.

Need something else? Let’s talk about your project and see where I may be able to help.

I’ve worked with a variety of clients.

I have experience in large and small teams from Higher Education to Healthcare Technology, Non-Profit to Fortune 500, and Start Up to Enterprise. Because every team is different, I aim to assimilate into your team seamlessly and effortless start contributing in a productive manner.

Here are some of my latest clients:

Abstract Mode Analytics Still I Run Terrastories Irth

I'm proud of the work I've done.

My latest project was building a feature from the ground up. Groundbreaking new development within an already established and complex system. I was able to deliver a brand new ETL in Python 3, a new Go service query interface, new Ruby on Rails API endpoints and libraries, and a set of new React endpoints.

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See what others say about working with me.

Laura is a standout software engineer. She has the required technical expertise, is an incredibly fast learner, and can ship any project that she takes on. But what truly takes her to a higher level is her skill in raising the bar for her team in non-technical areas. She is an excellent communicator, both written and verbal, and is always pursuing clarity when there is confusion or ambiguity. It is unfortunately rare to meet someone that lives their values, but Laura is such a person: she is a true leader that embodies her values in each and every action. She is a strong advocate for people and makes any team or company she is a part of better. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Kevin Smith, Founder of Abstract

Laura is easy to work with. She knows when to go into detail, when to step back, and doesn’t let the small stuff stop her from moving forward. Her work is exceptional.

Bruno S., Product Manager

Laura is an phenomenal asset to our team of open-source developers. Her skillsets and talents truly run the gamut from full stack development, modern website design, and fostering volunteer communities. Beyond that, she's exceptionally communicative, dedicated, and always takes the time to thoroughly understand the task at hand. It's a pleasure to work with her, and to be able to count on her consummate professionalism to get the job done in the best possible way!

Rudo Kemper, Terrastories, Amazon Conservation Team